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Vadim Revin

Vadim Revin

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About me
I’m a senior motion designer with about 10 years of work experience with graphic design and animation. I am a winner of numerous awards for “the very best motion graphics”. I’m currently working as a freelancer.
At Postmodern, I’ve recently been working on the multimillion dollar project “Battle For Sevastopol”. My job is to create and develop credits for the TV version of the film. As a designer of graphic animation, I am responsible for the concept creation, directing, design and animation of various trailers, intro credits for movies and TV shows.
In 2013, it was a great pleasure to become a team member of the most creative digital agency of Ukraine VGNC. I held a crucial position in designing such projects like Mingdau (International Economic Forum in Shanghai, China), Clashot (US based photo stock service), Garcia Jeans and Petcube. I also created design and credits animation for a sensational short- length film PTSD.
In 2012, as a freelancer, I devoted some time to non-commercial projects, one of which became the best video of the day on the channel Maxon. Besides that, I implemented graphic design work for such reputable Ukrainian clients as Kievstar (major cellphone network in Ukraine), Lime Lite Studio and Rozumniki. The presentation for British sculptor Jonty Hurwitz was featured at the festival Kinetica 2012 in London, UK. At the same period of time, I successfully accomplished credits for several popular Ukrainian TV shows as “Chkalov” and “Doroga v Pustotu”. Other than that, I developed an introductory video for a documentary TV show “Ukraine: The Forgotten History”.
In 2010, I joined BrainDrainTrain where I started to work with graphic animation at much higher level. The creation of information graphics for the project “Battle For The Black Sea 1941-1945” skyrocketed my experience and knowledge, allowing me to contribute into an amazingly fascinating task.
I was also honored to take upon the assignment to work out graphic trailers for one of Ukrainian nationwide banks, Pravex Bank, as well as Henkel’s Ceresit. In collaboration with a branding agency “Milk”, I played an active role in designing thematic effects for the program “Facts” which is aired on one of the major Ukrainian TV networks ICTV. I am proud to have worked on design of intro credits and development of authentic credit font for the movie “Rock’N’Ball" which was later shown at International Movie Festival in Cleveland, OH on March 28, 2012.
I started my professional career at the Institute of Educational and Informational Technologies in 2005. I was developing interactive Flash animations, at the same time managing a group of very talented motion designers. My work numbered dozens of interactive educational materials that are still being used by teachers and students.
For my education, I would like to thank National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” where I received my Bachelor’s and Specialist’s degrees. My knowledge was also enriched by such schools as RealTime School in Moscow, Russia and Kiev School of Design.
My achievements always encourage me to move forward and look for the ways to grow creative and valuable for my clients. At my spare time I also enjoy sharing my experience with a younger generations of aspiring designers by organizing various workshops and courses in Kiev, Ukraine.