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Taras Handzhii

Taras Handzhii

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About me
Personal Information:
First and Last Name: Taras Handzhii
Home Address: 148 Borschagivska st., ap.11-15
Kyiv 03056, Ukraine
Tel.: cell phone +380931421520

E-mail address: ganjiy@ukr.net
Skype ID: ganjiy1992
Date of birth: April, 20th 1992
Nationality: Ukrainian

Education and Social Activity:
2010 – till present Student, 5th year of study
National Technical University of Ukraine ''Kyiv Polytechnic Institute''
Major Field of Study: Faculty of Management and Marketing, Innovation Management
GPA: 4.24
Expected graduation date February 2016
July 2014 – August 2014

May 2014 – September 2014

March 2012,2013 – May 2012,2013 Participant of the Bionic Summer School on the topic of “Entrepreneurship and IT startups”
Team gathering and working on my(our) own IT project - startup, named «FATIC» - a detailed mobile application filed with some fresh ideas to be competitive on the market, through which young people would be able to estimate each other and get acquainted.

Participant of Global Management Challenge Junior Ukraine
1999 – 2010 Student, Gymnasium №1, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine
Major Field of Study: Physics and mathematics
GPA: 11.0
Social activity: Playing for university basketball team
Work experience:
Position and Company name: IT companies PR coordinator of TECH GEM SF 2015 at Happy Farm LLC
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Dates of employment: June 2015 – July 2015
Tasks/Responsibilities: creating and gathering the Eastern Europe IT companies database. Doing the mail invitation for IT companies to TECH GEM SF 2015 conference &expo. Getting in touch and communicating with clients; selling company services.

Position and Company name: (Part-time) Project assistant at IPIBI Invest at KPI
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Dates of employment: October 2014 – December 2014
Tasks/Responsibilities: gathering and analysis of information and data about the projects and potential markets, creating reports and presentations for the investors, taking part in negotiations with investors.
Position and Company name: (Seasonal) Manager assistant at the Kiev exhibition center, delivery company
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Dates of employment: October 2012- May 2013

Tasks/Responsibilities: Communicating and placing orders of foreign clients,
Controlling over and supporting the unloading, accommodation and loading of clients exhibits.
Hobbies and interests:
Basketball playing, gym workout, swimming, cooking, healthy lifestyle.
Language level: Ukrainian – mother tongue
English – fluent
Russian - fluent
Computer Skills: MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook Express, PowerPoint etc.
Do you have international driving license? Yes
Personal qualities: Hardworking, open-minded, friendly, communicative, responsible, kind and patient.
I try to organize and spend my time effectively. I am hardworking person and always try to do my best whatever I do. I really like to be useful for people and always try to find a compromise in difficult situations. I learn quickly, and usually it’s not a problem for me to gain new knowledge or skills to work effectively. Mostly I can easily find a common language with people. I support healthy lifestyle and do sports.