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Svitlana Strukovska

Svitlana Strukovska

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Strukovska Svitlana

City: Kiev
Phone: +38067 500 89 28
El. mail: simple-me@mail.ru

Personal information:
Date and place of birth: December 4, 1978, Kyiv, Ukraine
Nationality: Ukrainian
Marital status: Married
Total work experience in the office of the architect: 14 years
Kiev Industrial and Economic College (1994-1997)
Faculty: Business Economics
Profession: Economist
Kyiv National University of Architecture and Construction (1999-2005)
Department: City building
Occupation: Architect
Knowledge: free PC - Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Corel Draw, 3D Max. Photoshop, Arc +, AutoCad, ArhiCad.
Duties: Designing residential and public buildings, the implementation of all stages of design, coordination, experience:

2000-2001 Furniture shop "Etoile An"
                     Designer (3D rendering with furniture)
2001-2004 Architectural Studio "Kontur" Technician - Architect
                     (working-out design projects, design of cottages)

2004 Architectural Studio "Olexeenko"
                     Architect-designer (working-out Design projects)

2004 Central Design Institute of Architects Category II (reconstruction of the barracks into a hotel complex)

2004-2008 Design Institute GIPROgrazhdanstroy Architect Category I (Designing apartment buildings)

2008 Architectural Studio "Areal" leading Architect
                  (Designing apartment buildingss)

2008 Company «MOBUD» (freelancer)
                  The chief architect of the project (design and coordination of the logistics complex "Raben")

2009-2011 Architectural Design Bureau "Alexeeva"
                  leading Architect (Designing apartment buildingss)

2009- 2010 Crowne Consulting Group (freelancer) leading Architect (Designing apartment buildingss, entertainment centers, cottage, office centers)

2011-2014 Company «MOBUD» The chief architect of the project (design and coordination of logistics complexes "Raben", "Al-ko Cober")

2014-2015 Company "Ukrbaltproekt" Chief specialist (Designing apartment buildingss)