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Svetlana Veter

Svetlana Veter

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About me
Hello! People know that meet, as the famous saying"on clothes, and escorted to the mind". To paraphrase this saying in modern language IT, it will turn out that any company or entrepreneur in the first place perceived through its logo, corporate identity, and then examine what is offered to his attention.
Any large company has a logo that is easy to learn. This logo massively replicated, people like him. If you need a unique and successful logo, a corporate identity that will be displayed on the website, brochures, business cards - then offers an experienced designer.
I fulfill orders at the optimum time, to every client using only the individual approach that would most efficiently and correctly to create an original and recognizable logo that will reflect the essence and direction of your company!
Работающие логотипы для компаний - клиентов
Design, Illustration, Art, Photo, Architecture
Разработка логотипа для компании активно выпускающей изделия из войлока WOWFELT. Создание логотипа для туристической компании - ДОЛЬМЕНЫ КРЫМА.
Фирменный стиль для социальной сети - ЭКО-МИР.