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Petro Pobereyko

Petro Pobereyko

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About me
01.09.2013 State Higher Educational Institution “National University Lviv Polytechnic”, Faculty of Computer Science. Major: Information Systems and Networks.
Experience (Languages, platforms):
• Pascal
• C/C++( Microsoft VC 2012-2013/ CBuilder, mathematical problems, calculator)
• C#, ASP.NET MVC4(Microsoft VC 2012-2013 using standard libraries)
• Scala(Eclipse work on your Twitter, sort using recursion without loop)
• Windows forms, Opengl. Libgdx(game, generation labirunt, game json)
• Java
• Andoid Studio, Xamarin
• Engine: slick2d, jmonkeyengine 3d, unity 2d;
Project works:
Ukraine future(build site on .NET MVC4), NULP, game android(unity), algoritm labirunt;