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Nataliia Amerkhanova

Nataliia Amerkhanova

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About me
Hello! Now you know about me the following information:
+ I am a native Ukrainian/Russian speaker.
+ I have a degree in economics (taxes).
+ I'm the head of the trade union organization in a state institution in Ukraine.
+ I like to write and produce creative ideas, articles, texts.
+ I am responsible.
+ I have experience in translating from English into Russian and Ukrainian (technical texts, business correspondence, etc.).
+ I can reprint in Word manually any scanned document.
+ I can enter data into Excel or Word.
+ I can print your handwritten text (English, Russian). The price depends on the intelligibility of the text.
+ I just started a freelance career.
Let's do something useful and creative!
Any information can be provided in the form of presentation. Like this.
Concisely. Clearly. Economically (spend less ink during printing).