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Mikhail Yutilov

Mikhail Yutilov

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About me
Trainings after university:
- 4 months’ internship in the US ( Temple University): protection and commercialization of intellectual property in science and engineering; patents, license agreements;
- 12 months’ training in Netherlands (Cargill Inc.): technical management at industrial plant.

Experience in English-Russian-English technical translations - over 10 years in the following, but not limited to, subjects:
- industrial equipment (chemical, metallurgical, oil&gas, water treatment, vegetable oil plants, etc.)
- industrial processes (chemical, metallurgical, oil&gas, water treatment, vegetable oil plants, etc.)
- technical and commercial proposals for delivery of industrial equipment
- construction projects in industrial sector,
- science and technology: chemistry, physics and related fields;
- business correspondence,
- contracts on delivery of industrial equipment
- news, economics, politics, etc.

Translation Productivity: up to 10 pages per day.

Knowledge of other languages:
Dutch – reading comprehension;
German – reading comprehension;
French – basic;
Russian – native;
Ukrainian – good written and verbal;

Other Experience:

I worked in international project teams at industrial construction projects.
As a sales engineer, I took part in international trade shows in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Amsterdam, Moscow, Kiev, Ashgabat.