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Maryna-Saienko Saienko

Maryna-Saienko Saienko

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Looking for a work.
About me
Well come.

I have 3 years experience in the ad direction and video editing.

Last 2 years I have been working as independent video editor in the world. Usually I create promo video for business. I can make idea of the project and and write a scenario. My customers are digital nomads, big bloggers, local business and companies from more than 10 countries. You always can ask me about consultation is Skype and I can give you best advices for your project. For me verbal communication is really important thing. To make really good project.

Thank you for your time.
And good luck with the project.
..and one only has milliseconds to inspire and hook a viewer.

I am video editor with 3 years of experience and I become emotionally heavily invested in every ounce of my work, generating an ethereal experience.

I will take as much time that is required and make every effort to completely understand your business goals and help you see these goals through.

When your raw product is completed, well come into mine post production kitchen. In our new dish, we will add color correction, edit, spice, ad mix until there is a piece de resistance.

Hey! But, invisible video doesn’t work. That’s why you should ask me how to promote your video.

People want to have fun, and we like surprises, it is inherent in us.
Let's do it
Editing of the promotional video for the online course "Female orgasm" (Spanish)
Cinema, Video, Animation, 3D-design
Editing of the promotional video for the online course "Female orgasm" (Spanish)
This is pre-roll for youtube for famous garage Oiler in Kiev.

I got about 50 random shots that were filmed in the garage. Guys told me only 5 vantage points of this place and ask just to make \\\"something interesting\\\"

I found legal music and create hip hop idea.
Editing of the promotional viddeo for Sunset Hill Resort, Koh Phangan, Thailand
Cinema, Video, Animation, 3D-design
This is showreel of year content plan for Instagram and Facebook. Content plane includes 48 fifteen seconds video and 317 photos for everyday posts. It makes audience grew and recognizable a brand. Here you can find all videos and photos from this project.

This video was create to post on the website of the hotel to transfer the ambience of this place.