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Marianna Vechirko

Marianna Vechirko

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About me
My name is Mariana, I'm working with 4tifier company.

We are honest and highly qualified team with more then 13-years experience in software development area.
We can offer innovative approach to the solution of problems of any difficulty.
Correct decisions and steadily good results — here is our credo.
That's why we can not only guarantee creation of qualitative product but also profess the high principles of business ethics: honesty, confidentiality and responsibility.
So let us to help you and simplify your life!

Service Description
We have experience in different areas from writing desktop applications to large servers apps. Right now our specialization is Big Data and everything related to this.

Hadoop (Pig, Hive): For storage and processing big amount of data.
NoSql (Hbase, MongoDB): for storage and processing unstructured data.
Solr, Katta, ElasticSearch: for fast search
Mahout: for machine learning

Main technologies:
Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Python, Django.

Also we are working with:
Java Swing, JUnit, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, JQuery, JSP, Java Servlet, JSF, Apache Wicket
Rev powered by ModuleQ requires an invite. Please request one through our app or by visiting our website www.moduleq.com.

Rev is a predictive personal organizer for sales professionals who need to stay on top of deals 24/7. Unlike CRM tools that are designed to give information to C-level management, Rev is a personal work tool with a streamlined interface organized to easily drive action.

- Stay in control of your leads by organizing them in one place
- Hit your targets by tracking next steps
- Keep deals moving by responding in real time
-Test drive new ideas in your private workspace

Keep closing
Name: Pigeon Post.
Description: Bright and chirpy application for children and adults who want to send emotional or artistic emails of any sort. Be bright and share with your mood!
More details: Using this application you get magnificent ability to send cute and warm pictures and emoticons to your children, friends and other interested persons. This app can be used by four-year children, so they can get absolutely new experience of cooperation with computer. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to get some pleasant picture from your child till you are at work! This desktop application deliberately simple, but not simplistic, accessible, safe and well-protected. Pigeon Post gives an ability to create your own key-holder account and then add more users. As a result you'll get your own small network.
Key features:
- account-based, client-side, cross-platform and multi-media application;
- ability to create key-holder account and add there more simple users;
- allows to import, control and export of bitmap and vector graphics;
- available for kids with four years old.
Create your own interesting and cheerful world!
Name: DataCart
Description: Useful and simple application which collect all information about successes of students in a particular subjects and allows easily control all educational process. Use this application for improving your work and get great results and happy students!
More details: Magnificent DataCart-app will help you to get clear analyses of student' achievements in the class or whole school. Using such comprehensive application you can quickly and easily find out what is the most difficult for your students during the educational process. With DataCart-application you can keep under control and accumulate data from other applications which teachers used to monitor educational process. You also may to keep a log of attendance. Moreover, you can create your own dictionary with specific words, which are typical for your region, to choose and see which adverbs was used by student during training.
Key features:
- instant access to information with summary results;
- specific dictionary of words that you can modify and extend;
- Lowenstein algorithm which allows to automate the progress of the pupils and keep track of their mistakes;
- parents account, so everybody who are involved in educational process can see results in any stage of any student.
Manage the learning process to get more powerful results!