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Nickolay Demchenko

Nickolay Demchenko

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About me
Development of object-oriented software.
Creating databases (SQL)
Desktop applications (Windows Forms)
Web-based applications (ASP. NET MVC).

Languages ​​: C ++, C #, MySQL, UML,, HTML (CSS), base JQuery, XML.

Technology : ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL, WPF, Photoshop CS6

Framework : 4.0, 4.5, Bootstrap, EntityFramework
Development of the forum programm
Websites, IT & Software Development
Program for forum
Implemented : registration, validation of data input ,
send messages , post comments .
Administrator : the ability to add , edit, delete cathegories,
ban users, delete comments .

The program on C # (ASP.NET)
The database on SQL Server 2012
Development of the programm for library
Websites, IT & Software Development
The program for conducting library based WinForms (C #) Functionality: - Making information about the book - Search for books by author, title , location , etc. - Issue / return of books (to / from whom and when issued / accepted the book ) - Withdrawal of the filtered list in Excel handbook on the attributes of the book A data warehouse based on XML
Website for legal advice online with user registration , document templates , news , articles, lawyers, site search , feedback , notification mail
Made on the basis of ASP.NET MVC3 Razor, using Framework 4.0, Bootstrap, JQuery
The database is made in MSSQL 2012