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Irina Seljutina

Irina Seljutina

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About me

Kyiv National University of Internal Affairs (Kiev, Ukraine)
Graduation Year 2010
Lawyer Specialist

Kyiv Slavonic University (Kiev, Ukraine)
Graduation Year 2006
"Management of organizations", specialization "Management of customs" Specialist

"Procurement logistics. The strategy of procurement / supply "(Kiev, Ukraine)
Graduation Year 2007
The study of modern approaches and recommendations to streamline the procurement of logistics procurement process in the company.

Training "Effective sales" (Kiev, Ukraine)
Graduation Year 2004
Learning effective techniques sales and customer communication techniques necessary for successful sales in a highly competitive

Rate of Customs Brokers (Kiev, Ukraine)
Graduation Year 2004
Customs clearance; tariff and nontariff regulation at customs clearance; calculation of all types of mandatory payments for customs clearance

§ Analysis of the effectiveness of financial and economic activity of the enterprise (BDR);
§ Budget planning of organization and control over its implementation (DDS);
§ Management reporting;
§ Develop reporting forms, implementing them in the job and monitor the implementation;
§ Consolidation of performance reporting for a group of companies;
§ Working with the banks.
§ Analysis and monitoring of receivables and payables;
§ Analysis of the profitability of services, ABC analysis;
§ Planning and tax optimization;
§ Control of tax reporting and payments;
§ Payroll;
§ Work with primary documents;
§ Optimization of business processes, drawing up standards of the organization;
§ contract law.
§ Management of operational information in the system of management accounting;
§ Pricing policy (cost calculation, pricing). Analysis of the profitability of production;
§ Budget planning and procurement of production;
§ control inventory control;
§ claims work;
§ Representation of interests in courts