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Inna Cherednichenko

Inna Cherednichenko

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опытный бухгалтер
About me
Chief Accountant UAH 10 000.
(full, part-time, distant work)

Getting chief accountant on the successful platform of developing business

  Key information
Professional skills:
- The knowledge of all areas of accounting, tax and management accounting, experience in preparation of various reports / declarations to the state authorities;
- More than 10 years of experience as an auditor (documentary checks of the enterprises);
- The practice of working with the company, state of emergency on the common system of taxation, simplified system of VAT;
- Fluency 1C version 7.7, 8.2; Medoc; Client-Bank
Chief Accountant in a single person
July 2015 to Today
up to 20 employees
Wholesale trade in agricultural products
Full maintenance of accounting, tax accounting, personnel records, cash discipline paperwork.

Chief Accountant
April 2015 - June 2015 (3 months)
TOV VP INTARSIA (construction of industrial character)
from 20 to 50 employees Construction
Passed all areas of work in a construction company: accounting movement of goods and materials, IBE, OS, cash, bank, c / o board, settlements with suppliers and customers. Drawing up of declarations, balance sheet and other statements. Passage of inspection bodies SOT.

Chief Accountant (combined with the duties of the CFO)
January 2014 - March 2015 (1 year 3 months)
TOV EKOPOINT Nicolau (SDW removal services)
from 20 to 50 employees services to the population - more
Organization, monitoring and analysis of enterprise accounting. Forecast and manage profit and cash flow. Tax optimization. Monitoring accounts receivable and accounts payable. Preparation of financial and tax reports. Doing work with banks, STI, passing inspections. Inventory of cash balances, inventory, cash and debts of the enterprise. Reporting to Accounting 2.

Chief Accountant (part-time)
January 2014 - September 2015
Wholesale Meat
up to 20 employees
Drawing up of contracts, the primary documentation, bank, cash, payroll, payments to contractors, preparation and submission of reports to the fund, the passage of state inspections. bodies.

Chief Accountant
March 2013 - November 2013 (9 months)
TOV AGROINTER (wholesale of fuels and lubricants, the practice of working with budget organizations)
 Wholesale Trade / Distribution / Import-export
-working With the accounting and tax accounting;
-Control And analysis of accounts receivable;
-Create Accounting policy, personnel records;
Drawing up and submission of financial, tax reporting enterprise;
-Interaction Regulatory authorities;
-Nachislenie Wages, sick, vacation, benefits and compensation;
-working, Keeping cash discipline, client-bank;
-Accounting Fixed assets, goods and materials, the IBE and lubricants;
Chief Accountant
March 2012 - February 2013 (1 year)
trade in agricultural products
up to 20 employees Wholesale trade / Distribution / Import-export
Drawing up of contracts, the primary documentation, bank, cash, payroll, payments to contractors, preparation and submission of reports to the fund, the passage of state inspections. bodies.

Private Practice, accounting services
PE (common system, simple 1-3grupa, VAT payers)
-work with primary documents and data collection for the preparation of tax returns;
mapping of accounting transactions in accounting registers using 1C 8.2,7,7;
-sdacha tax and statistical reporting;
FLP interests representation in state bodies of Ukraine.
- Preparation of documents for the certification of electronic signature for delivery of reports in electronic form;
-Open-zakrytieChP in state agencies / passing checks without charge, a preliminary audit of the documents ..

Chief Inspector Auditor
May 1998 - February 2012 (13 years 10 months)
State Tax Service
from 50 to 100 employees Consulting / Audit
 Audit activity in the part of the documentary checks on the correct storage of tax accounting, accrual and payment of taxes and fees.

Graduation Year 2003
Economist diploma

English - Intermediate
Russian - basic
I can be interviewed in this language
Ukrainian - basic
I can be interviewed in this language

 Courses, trainings, certificates

Business Planning
Graduation Year 2012
 Additional Information
Personal qualities
The high degree of responsibility and self-organization, the desire to improve their skills, accuracy, precision, care, consistency, correctness, punctuality, honesty.

Computer skills
 Knowledge of office equipment; PC - experienced user, knowledge of software Office, Microsoft Exel, Word, 1Sv8, 1Sv7, "Client-Bank", Arm Zvit, OPZ, Medoc-Law League, the Sonata