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Dmitry Mogyla

Dmitry Mogyla

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About me
I would like to offer you a mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of jurisprudence.
I am a lawyer - Dmitry Mogyla, having practical experience in the legal field of Ukraine more than 10 years, I suggest you consider the possibility of cooperation.

My areas of law: Criminal Law (detention, common questions); Civil Law (deals, all actions with the property, inheritance, divorce and division of property); Labor Law; Corporative Law (investments, acquisition and disposal of shares in the business, schemes of protection business).

What can I do for you?
Given the experience and knowledge of Ukrainian (Russian part) legislation I can:

- Preparation of legal opinions on a wide range of issues of the legislative field of Ukraine and Russia (including the criminal process).

- Obtain and provide information about the interests of enterprises, organizations and institutions (both private and public) in Ukraine. Such information may include a data about the legal person (address, contact details, shareholders, amount of share capital, etc.), data on the judicial history (any court cases recently considered in relation to the company and what is their impact) , tax history (if any). All information is official.

- Analysis, writing, editing business and civil contracts, agreements within the framework of the legislation of Ukraine and Russia.

- To carry out the procedure of enforcement of judgments on the territory of Ukraine (including the decisions of foreign courts).

- To carry out a private representation of citizens and legal persons in all courts of Ukraine.

- To carry out a private representation of citizens and legal persons in dealing with all government bodies and officials in Ukraine (including law enforcement).

- Control of the process and adequate representation of the interests of citizens and legal entities other representatives.

- Receive information and documents (including archival) in government and commercial organizations.

- To carry out the registration (re-registration) of the enterprise; Back to the head of the enterprise; change in the share capital; change of address, etc.

- Develop and implement a program to monitor head and chief accountant (other officials) of the enterprise on the part of the owner.

Why do I do this?
I have the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to carry out the above actions to the final result. I am an advocate of Ukraine, which gives me certain advantages and confirms my knowledge and skills. As proof of his words, I give you my resume. I am purposeful, responsible, hardworking and focused on the result of the client (within the law).

What are warranties and conditions of co-operation?
At the initial stage, I am ready to provide necessary services to conduct payment after reaching the desired result. In the future, I am willing to consider your suggestions as to the nature and conditions of work.

Looking forward to your reply,
Dmitry Mogyla.