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Web & Mobile Development Company
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Binovery is here to help you with bringing your digital ideas to life. With more then skilled developers, bright analysts and handy designers we make clever websites and mobile apps actually happen. Building up from scratch and providing full-cycle project development, Binovery delivers bug-free tested code, clean designs and engaging UI/UX. Unlike "just coders", we stay with you after the project launch and support you until you'll reach your goal or as long as you might need us. Italian passion and Ukrainian struggle for changes are combined in Binovery, company originated and run in Naples with development teams located in Kharkiv. Keep dreaming, keep inventing and create with Binovery.
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The best navigator for car owners
New woman style-guide
Ice Cream Store
Development of the Multimedia Player App
Websites, IT & Software Development
The app tracks, groups and plays all available media content stored on mobile device. Playlists may contain photo, video and audio files in any order, and can be set, edited and played by users.
Among simple texting options with photo-sharing, the app enables group newsfeed and events sharing. Group chatting and joint calendars are also available within the app.
This app checks user's location and displays list of local restaurants (15 km range). The app main feature is displaying not only places, but their menus and dishes sorted by: distance, ratings and likes. User can search for places or dishes and comment them as well.
The app displays all the necessary info about the hotel and its rooms to book online. User can check available dates and make his reservation through the integrated PayPal kit.
The app enables photo sharing, downloading and uploading features through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It also allows multi-uploading features and albums editing within device media-gallery and social networks.
Development of a Negozio per animali needed new design, layout and content. Through usage of updated HTML-tools making purchases at the web-store became faster and more convenient. Users can fluently buy multiple items for their beloved pets whenever they need it.
To advertise a cottage placed in the Abruzzo`s shore that is for sale we’ve developed Landing Page with the fully-complete characteristic of the house. Rich video&photo-gallery and feedback options make it possible for user to take a look at the cottage virtually without having to visit Italy.
Development of Landing Page for Varmekraft-project
Websites, IT & Software Development
Varmekraft-project, Landing Page made with the usage of HTML 5 and CSS 3, was a “business-card” on a web-resource exhibition. There are detailed information about the company and its products, photo gallery and contact information. An excellent presentation of unique devices has brought our customer sales calls and new buyers.
Website development for company that sells kitchen and bathroom
Websites, IT & Software Development
Web-site developed for company that sells kitchen and bathroom fitment demonstrates its product-list. Pdf-catalog is available on-line, when FlipBook plugin makes tech choosing more convenient for a client. As a result we have increasing conversion that positively affects company sales.
Development of a website for dental clinic
Websites, IT & Software Development
Web-presentation of a dental clinic includes its detailed information, price policy, blog and description of its own work systems. User can take a look at map directions and leave his feed-back about Volvach Clinic services. Web-site design is fully responsive.
Development of promo-website Clinpro
Websites, IT & Software Development
Promo-website Clinpro, one of the Volvach Clinic services web-advertisement, has similar with the main corporate site design elements to accent the brand. Parallax-scrolling technology catches user attention and stands for the rapidly growing Volvach medical progress advantages. The website is responsive and well-displayed on any device.
Development Italian dentist corporate web-site
Websites, IT & Software Development
Italian dentist corporate web-site informs users about dental clinic services and its advanced equipment. Also clients` testimonials, contact information and map direction are available. We launched a strong web tool to get in touch with potential clients and provide them with full information 24/7.
Development of web catalog Guida al Cibo
Websites, IT & Software Development
Guida al Cibo makes search of Italian restaurants and cafes easier. This web catalog of the most attended places in different Italian regions includes restaurants, their cuisine descriptions and map directions. Such convenient web-guide with location filters and multiple categories is popular among both locals and tourists.