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Andrii Khmelnitsky

Andrii Khmelnitsky

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About me
+38 093 572 41 80 peace.kyiv@gmail.com
2004-2009: G.S.Skovoroda National Teaching Techniques University, Kharkiv, Ukraine. MA in English and teaching technologies for secondary school;
2010-2012: National Technological University “Kh.P.I.”, Kharkiv, Ukraine. MA in teaching techniques for higher education
01.2013-02.2013: International House Kyiv, CELTA (Certificate in English Teaching to Adult by Cambridge University, the United Kingdom), Kyiv, Ukraine.
08.2013, 01.2014, 08.2014: Mortimer English Club, EPPSC (English for Preschool and Primary Schoolchildren Certificate), Kyiv, Ukraine;
04.2014: Microsoft Youth Spark Live, youth project school, Kyiv, Ukraine;
10.2014: Institute of foreign relations, Kyiv Shevchenko National University, Autumn International Project School;
01.2015: Public Speaking – Join the talk and spreading the word course, by Alexandra Maratchi Legrain, MOOC, iversity.org;
11.2014 – 01.2015: Critical thinking course – Reason and fair play in communication, by Maastricht School of Management Romania, MOOC, iversity.org;
01.2015-03.2015: Idea Generation Methods course, by Karlsruhe institute of technology, Germany, MOOC, iversity.org;
01.2015-04.2015: Human Rights: Global and Local Protection, by Universita degli studi de Padova, Italy, MOOC, iversity.org;
04.2015 – currently: Design Thinking Course (implementing design thinking into multidisciplinary, including teaching, fields), MOOC, iversity.org
16-18.06.2015: Technologies for teaching English online training, America House Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

09.2010-10.2011 - Regional institute of National Academy of Public Administration attached to the House of the President of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine, teaching ESL, trainee-teacher
07.2011-08.2011 - Kharkiv State Regional Administration, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Department of higher education and science. MA research in Educational policy of the government;

03.2009 – 06.2010 – Boiko Private School, Kharkiv, Ukraine, teaching ESL for young learners (7-17 y.o.);
09.2011-06.2012 – Jaroslav Mudrii National Legal University of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine. English language instructor. Levels B2-C1;
09.2012 – currently – Innovative language school PEACE, Kharkiv, Ukraine, director of studies, ESL teacher for young learners (5-16 y.o.), ESL for adults teacher, ESL in legal sphere teacher, Public Speaking teacher;
08.2013 – 10.2014: Mortimer English Club, Kharkiv, Ukraine, ESL for young learners teacher (5-16 y.o.;
01.2014 – 06.2015: Ochag Private School, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Public speaking course teacher (13-17 y.o.)