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Andrew Stepanuyk

Andrew Stepanuyk

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About me
Good day, dear customers, we offer you:
• Creation of an exclusive website "turnkey" (any difficulty).
• Creating a corporate identity (brand-book).
• Creation of exclusive projects (any difficulty).
As we see our collaboration with you:
• approve the terms of reference (if there is not - we will help to create or compose it for you).
Note: In order to make TOR, and invest in your project the idea you want to bring to your customers, we have a brief, after filling which we can clearly understand what you want to achieve from the project.
• the agreement based on TOR (optional).
Note: At the time of signing the contract based on TOR, in the task will be a concept appearance of the site (which you approve and on which we will rely to create design).
• Provide design of your choice (1 to 3 depending on customer requirements).

Note: At the time of approval of your design, programmers will already be working on the functional part, which means that the development of your project (graphics and software part) will be carried out simultaneously.
• After approval of the design and completion in accordance with your wishes, we come to the layout.
• Once the layout of the website is complete, will start the last stage of project development: merging graphics and software parts.
• Setting the project to your hosting
• Sending you to access the data.
The project is successfully completed :)
Why us?
1. Our team has more than 3 years of experience in the development of exclusive projects.
2. We provide a lifetime warranty on our design and source code.
3. 24 \ 7 control of the progress of work. We are ready to provide a report on the done work at each stage of development.
4. Our team is the official representative ANDLEX GROUP which gives you 100% confidence in your investment. We are officially registered.

Which technologies we use:
Yii 1.1 (Yii 2.0) Opencart Apache
HTML Javascript (фреймворки)
HTML5 Photoshop
Codeinteger Illustrator
Additional services that we offer:
• If desired, you can make the contract (our company is officially registered).
• Creation of turnkey website (we will install the site on your hosting or acquire the desired hosting, and give you a password to access the admin panel. The project will be ready to work immediately after transferring it to you.
• Detailed consultation on possible services (Authorization through social networks, confirmation through mobile phones users' profiles).
• Consultation on the hosts and services they provide (basic promotion, server protection, etc.).
Tel: +38 095-83-78-464
alt: +38 096-110-11-91
skype: andlex.group
e-mail: info@andlexgroup.com
alt: stepanuyk.andrew@gmail.com
We look forward to collaborating! :)