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Andrew Seniv

Andrew Seniv

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About me
• basic knowledge HTML, CSS, JS (JQuery) technologies;
• optimization understanding (SEO, SMO, SMM);
• adaptive building skills;
• CMS-frameworks (WP) skills;
• CSS- frameworks skills (Bootstrap);
• RESTful-services principles understanding;
• Photohop skills (coding of PSD-templates);
• understanding of Scrum, Agile, Waterfall and other methodologies of project management;
• understanding business-models, Internet-business working;
• marketing and management skills, experience work in a team;

Personal qualities: justice and honesty, sociability, punctuality and responsibility. Many problems creatively fit, attach great attention to detail in the code and in life. An avid, bring all things to an end. Also, have fundamental knowledge of management, have the ability to attract people to work, to organize and motivate. Keep order in all life-areas.

Interests and hobbies: self-development, front-end, social psychology, travel, sports poker, run.

Have a knowledges and practical skills in the field of adaptive Web sites builds (HTML, CSS, JS (min), frameworks CMS - Word Press, CSS - Bootstrap), Leading Pages and banners; skills in Photohop - coding from a PSD-templates.

I have experience in the organization of different processes, know how to attract people to work, to motivate. I like to solve complex problems - doing things I love.

To go up any work creatively and emphasize on detail (focus on the quality).
Non-conflict: I prefer diplomatic ways to solve problems.
Disciplined: attach great importance to planning and setting goals in the life and in the work.

Sociable: treat people with understanding, always thry to find contacts with them. Motivated, always develop professional skills.