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Aleksandr Jurov

Aleksandr Jurov

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About me
A challenging position in web software design and development where
16 years programming experience. Of particular note as you consider my placement is the fact that I am very well rounded in several areas required for a complete web development. As I am the person responsible for handling all projects involving the internet at my current position, I am required to understand what is needed to see a project all the way through. I have substantial experience in both standards PHP development and MySQL database design and normalization. I am familiar with designing and building e-commerce sites, content management systems, form's engines, statistic and other custom web driven applications.
PHP (9 years), Ruby (8 years), C# (10 years), .NET(10 years), Laravel(3 years) Ruby on Rails (8 years) Zend (4 years), Git (5 years), Droopal(2 years), CodeIgniter(6 years) Joomla(4 years), Adobe Flex(7 year) C/C++ (14 years),jQuery (7 years) YII (3 years) JavaScript (10 years),DHTML (5 years),CSS (10 years), CGI-BIN (10 years), Java (10 years),Perl (12 years),Python (5 years),Apache (8 years), XML (9 years), XML-RPC (8 years), Adobe Photoshop (9 years), Smarty (8 year), Node.js (2 years), Angular.js (2 years)