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Advantages of Proffstore for freelancers

Lucrative income
Average income of a Ukrainian technical freelancer equals to $22 per hour.
The system of risk-free transactions minimizes the risk of doing a job without being paid for it.
You get all the perks of social networks to promote yourself as a professional.
An ability to pass tests and confirm your qualification by obtaining a certificate

Advantages of Proffstore for employers

Risk minimization
Proffstore mitigates your risks by providing a fair ranking, verified portfolios and honest feedbacks.
Wide choice of professionals
Post your project and best professionals from various fields will get in touch with you.
Customized approach
Your personal manager will pick appropriate team of freelancers and will provide a guarantee.
Certified specialists
Best freelancers' qualification is confirmed by their certificates
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Need EXPERTS in: Engineering (aerospace, civil, electrical engineering or general ) IT/Web (C++, Java, Javasript, MatLab, Oracle, Python, Network Security, SQL, System Administration) Accounting Finance Mathematics Statistics Architecture and Design Aviation Biology Chemistry Physics Astronomy
Need test completed. I started it and did the first 4 questions and have about 25 minutes remaining.
Hello, I would like to add features to my existing PHP website. I speak English, please contact me on Skype: for project details. Thanks Gerry +380934008940
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