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Ad Network - real time bidding platform Problem: The $Auction_Price macro is not being replaced by the actual price. The bid price macro replacement in the winning auction tag should be implemented in a dummy routine called encrypt_bid($unencrypted_bid_price). It is preferable to have an exprerience with RTB technologies Long term commitment is possible
The task includes: - integration of website (test environment) with (travel offers) API. Specification provided under following link (unfortunately in Polish): Here is an example of the query: - coding 2 pages that use the API logic: one that present a list of search results for the user who used the search basing on the API; and the page containg the chosen travel offer. PSD designs for both pages already prepared: The searcher element has been already coded on the following server: I am sending along a screen shot just to indicate how you can find the searcher on this domain. My test environment is here (the searcher is not implemented on my test environment yet): If you need any other details, please contact me.
Hi everybody! We are looking for specialist in SEO for GOOGLE. IMPORTANT! This is must to be a person who will put the site in TOP GOOGLE for us with 100% of confidence. I don't care that it is imposible - write to me only people who can do that. The others no needed. You will work with by result payment. This is means that 1. You will put our site on Top google 2. A month passed (we were on top during a month *30 days) 3. You get paid. And like this, every month for every site. If You're agree and ready - write to me on skype - mykolahv If You know of somebody who will be interested on this offer - put me in contact with him, please :)
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